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Unity project basics

Simply a note to self, when creating a new project. I will keep this updated with bullet points as I learn. My memory is not what it was.

Change Play Mode Tint

Edit> Preferences> Colors> General> Playmode Tint

Select a colour. This changes the UI Colour when in play mode. Really helpful.

Standard Assets

Window> Asset Store> Standard Assets> Download> Import

This will provide a number of basic things to get started. I will be using Standard Assets functionality from the Package.

High Definition Render Pipeline

Located in Window> Package Manager> High Definition RP> Install

Don't forget to select Advanced in the packages modular window.

Good reference for this package is the following quick video from Brackeys.

SpaceNavigator Driver

Window> Asset Store> SpaceNavigator Driver> Download> Import

I managed to get hold of a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro on Ebay for a good price. The retail prices for these beasts are pretty high.

Its a lovely way to fly... :)

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