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Maya pref, config issue?

In an attempt to improve my workflow I use One Drive to store my project folders. My main machine for modelling has been my Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16. A lovely device, however the size of the screen for working is detail for long periods is proving difficult.

My most recent modelling had some nice results.

My next step was to finally update the GPU in my desktop and use multiple screens for editing. Hopefully this will help relieve my headaches.

However the issue I now experience is the following. When I access the One Drive project folder. Even though the objects are showing in the Outliner they do not appear in the editor windows.

Clearing down the pref folder did not help. Copying the whole folder from the MSP to usb drive and moving it to my Desktop gave the same results.

Not sure what the issue is. But to save hours wrestling with Maya again it will be quicker to start over. Hopefully I can find an explanation later.

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