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Current Unity version in use at Llandrillo Menai

Just making a small note here to enable myself and anyone who needs to track how to ensure the Unity Hub has the correct version installed for Unity Projects when also using the College Systems.

My current project is using Unity 2019.2.109f1. I will install this on my local machine.

Starting in Unity Hub select the 'Installs' Option. The installed versions will be listed. Currently I have no versions installed.

From here select 'Add'. The Add Unity Version mod appears. Select 'download archive' to be taken to the unity website.

The Unity download archive will show in your browser.

Scroll down until you see the entry for 'Unity 2019.2.10'. This is the option you want. Select 'Unity Hub' to start the install in the Unity Hub. Unity Hub will allow you to use different version, so this is highly recommended.

Once you have selected 'Unity Hub' the Unity Hub will start the install. Here you are asked to select any extra options you might want for this version.

Proceed with the install by selecting 'Install'. When the install begins the progress is displayed as bellow. Let it run its course.

Once the install is complete it is visible in the 'Installs' list.

You can now use this version in your projects.

I hope you find this useful.

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