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WHO Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19)(13-March)

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

All diagrams are now available on datacartography.com. Updates are now automated and more frequent. In line with Johns Hopkins database.

Various plots from the WHO Situation Reports over time to allow context and trends to be more visible. Its a work in progress. I have transferred these figures from the WHO daily reports.

Novel Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19) China and External to China

Showing all the external cases by day on the same graph to illustrate trend. Tabs also show regions. The graph over time will show a trend of how the disease is spreading. What we want to see is the country lines travelling horizontally not climbing. Horizontal means no more cases.

Illustration of the Cases graph. Each country over 100 cases has been adjusted by a day value to align with countries that are more advanced.

This shows the UK is currently 14 days behind Italy. Germany is 10 days adjusted however the incline is slowing. It also illustrates South Korea recovery when mapped with Italy.

Novel Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19) Current Cases

Illustrating average growth rates and case totals on maps.

Novel Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19) China Provinces

Novel Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19) Country Cases

Showing all the cases by day on the same graph to illustrate trend.

Death Rate by Daily Adjustment

People have been considering the death rate figure may be invalid due to the incubation period vs time of death. Attempting to illustrate those figures by applying an offset of days.

Interestingly these percentages converge over time as can be seen here already. On the 2nd tab the 5 day correction peaks at 18%, a figure being referenced quite a bit a week ago. But you can see as the data accumulates it has decreased to 4.6%. These are not accurate in that I am not calculating averages just applying an n day weighting. However it does adequately illustrate the skew and the reduction from earlier references.

Novel Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19) External with China travel history

Showing the cases by day of external cases with known China travel history. Added by WHO on 3rd Feb. Will add data daily.

Novel Coronavirus Cases (Covid-19) External to China with Site Transmission

Showing the cases by day of external cases with transmission from sites. Sites under investigation. Added by WHO on 3rd Feb. Will add data daily.


Data source comes form the Daily Situation Reports provided by the WHO site.

Another site worth looking at is the 2019-nCoV Global Cases (by Johns Hopkins CSSE)

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