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Hear me scream

I gave up. Maya was crashing continuously.

Unity project basics

Simply a note to self, when creating a new project. I will keep this updated with bullet points as I learn. My memory is not what it was.

Pillars and Spacers

I found the tiling and UV Maps pro builder to be to long, and spacious. Without perfect tiles they really show the faults in the tiles

Paper Tiles

As you can see I have a gradient here which makes it fail quite nicely as a tile. I checked a bunch of videos online and this one from Flow

ProBuilder UV unwrap and tidy

The tool does a nice job to start with. By selecting a face and then an adjacent face while Ctrl is pressed starts grouping my faces

Better second time around

Its always better the second time around. Recreating the ship I fixed the top and bottom of the sphere and created quad end-caps. Extra...

Maya pref, config issue?

In an attempt to improve my workflow I use One Drive to store my project folders. Integrity of the model seems to be lost.

Starting on the Potato House

Drawing inspiration from cubist architecture, Mr Potato Head is inspired by some grand designs. Starting construction on the mansion the...

Old School

The difficulty here is to communicate both the cavernous hell and at the same time immerse the viewer in the environment of an illustrated n

Stitch and a Potato need a home

A mixture of cubism and laziness has led Mr Potato head to express him deep knowledge of culture in this work of art that is now his home.

A quick catch up

Rubble, rocks, walls, ground, sky, little monsters, a big monster, tables, chairs, jam and a cricket bat.

Time to stop dreaming

Dreaming of ideas is easy, letting the mind wander and dipping a toe in that meandering stream is relaxing and adventurous.

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